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SIMONE ALMEIDA EMDR /Gestalt Therapist Psychotherapy for couples, adults, adolescents and children (above 7 of age). Spoken languages: English, French and Portuguese (Brazil). Member of SLP (Société Luxembourgeoise de Psychologie) and EMDR Luxembourg. Psychological service provider for ONE (Office nationale de l’enfance) Luxembourg. Graduated at UNICAP (Catholique University of Pernambuco) in Recife/PE Brazil in 1993. Working in a private practice in Luxembourg since 2010. Principals of Gestalt Therapy: Awareness- is the key word and the objective of a gestalt therapy. The more conscious you are of your mental and emotional process, the more you can flow in the process of life that knows exactly what you need and HOW to get there. Here and now- in the Gestalt therapy the client is constantly asked for taking responsibility for his existential moment, here and now. Because it is the only time that we are able to live, it is the only moment we are actually living. The past and the future are creation of our imagination. Even if we feel connected to past experiences, we don’t have the power to change them, but in the here and now we can change our perspective about it. When are...
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Almeida Simone

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