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Guided visualization

Description :

How does it work? After a brief moment of relaxation (eyes closed, taking deep breaths, sitting comfortably) the client is asked to follow the scenarios proposed by the therapist.

The objectives:

  • In case of conflicts- When you have a choice to make but you are not sure which direction to take, you are “guided” to imagine these scenarios as if you were there, and then you can experience how your body will react. Being more aware, in an emotional level and not only in the mind level, you will have more resources to take the best decision.
  • In case of having to face a stressful situation (job interview, having to deal with people you have problems with) – In this case the client is asked to imagine living this situation, first “as it is” and then “as he wishes it was”. It will help you to “re-program” your behavior to actually act in a more positive way with better results for you. Why is it so? Because while imagining our brain does not know the difference between reality and imagination. When you imagine, you really feel as if the situation is real. When you “remember” a positive moment for example, you are able to feel happy as if it is happening now. The same with the negative memories, for example you remember a fight you had with someone, and you can feel the anger again. The same works for the sad memories.
  • To cope with resentful feelings- Imagine you have “unfinished business” with someone and you can neither forget, nor forgive this person. It normaly means you have to let this anger out first. After all, you felt hurt and in in this case, your body reaction is to protect and defend your individuality. And in the other hand we learn that “it is good to forgive”. So, in this special visualization you are guided to imagine telling this person everything you haven’t had the occasion to say. You can also imagine doing to this person what they did to you (inner child’s revenge). You let your anger, sadness, frustration have a chance to express themselves. It creates a relief as you are able to get out of the “victim” situation. You allow yourself to be real and not “ideal” and this will help you to let it go and eventually easy the process of forgiveness. It is a “safe” way to deal with your aggression. Because, once again, it is not important that you say these things to the person or you imagine saying it. Once you can connect with the feelings, for your unconscious will take it as real and the healing process can occur.  
  • When the client is procrastinating (postponing decisions and actions you know it is important to take)- The fact that you imagine doing/taking the decisions can work as a motivation to actually doing it, as you can feel the benefits as if they were real.
  • It also works as reprograming the brain and your behavior for a new attitude that you want in your life. “I wish I had more patience..” Then, “imagine yourself having more patience, how are you when you have more patience..?”
  • And finally, I use guided visualization to CLEAN the inner world of the daily accumulated stress emotions. ONE EXAMPLE, of visualization: “Imagine yourself going to take a shower in a waterfall. But this clear, blue water has a magic can take way all the negative feelings you have. All the worries, the effect of this worry in your body- the sadness, the anger, the tiredness.. As the water falls you give the order to your body to let go of these energies and the water will clean and clear your body/mind. Once the “cleaning” process takes place, you have more space in you..So imagine now that you have moved from the water fall and you are sitting in a rock, doing nothing, just being there. Imagine now you have a bright, pure and white light coming from the center of the galaxy and going into your body, fulfilling it with peace, brightness, joy, health. This magic and pure light has the power to restore your health in all the levels. Everything is now working in perfect harmony. And if you want, you can share this peaceful energy in your “things”; your house, your car, your working place and even the people you love, or on the contrary that you have some conflicts and you want to improve your relationship with this person. Feel the connection with your kindness, which is a natural state of your heart (soul) and let it be. Loving and sharing our love is part of our humanity and blocking this powerful energy is very harmful in a long-term basis. Now you can thank the waterfall and the light for their help..and when you feel ready you can slowly open your eyes and come back to the room..” (NOTE: This kind of “exercise” is accompanied with relaxation music for better and deeper effects).

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